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Global PhD Program “Transformations in European Societies”

Global PhD Program “Transformations in European Societies”

“European boundaries for a sheet of paper”

Rabat, Morocco (September, 2012): It’s a Saturday afternoon. The sheet of paper fixed in the pillar will dec moroccans that are >These a spouse or even a spouse in Germany. But they need a visa and to receive it, it’s obligatory to have this certificate A1 if they want to live there together. That’s what migration policies need for folks from so-called „third nations“ who’re hitched having A german resident. This outcome is not merely about when they can go to Germany or not and that means if they can live together with their partner in the near future or not if they have reached level A1 or not, it is also about. (There is extra information concerning the incident described above on; the project that is doctoral this image)

“Local engagement”

Basel, Switzerland (2013): the image shows a cleansing campaign in a neighbourhood district of Basel. Continue reading Global PhD Program “Transformations in European Societies”